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Student Athlete/Active Military Rate - any hour massage always $25

Deep Tissue Training

Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing


Located in Los Angeles, California, this renowned school trained me in deep tissue massage and gave me the opportunity to work with professional sports teams as well as individual professional athletes training in Los Angeles. My most rigorous training is in sports massage for men.

Do you take a scientific approach to your workout?


Next time you finish one of those “I’m going to be sore for days” endurance workouts, follow it up as soon as possible with a massage in Palm Springs. Your friends may mock you as a lightweight, but you are bigger than they are and it is definitely going to help your muscles recover faster, stronger, with more power. 

Scientific Biopsy studies have proven that massage for men soon after a workout increases the production of two specific genes in the muscle cells.

Gene 1 decreases inflammation.

Gene 2 increases production of mitochondria

If you are reading this, you know what that means. Make an appointment with me now. You can schedule it after a planned work out. Science is good.

As a Therapist, my favorite moment...

My favorite moment always comes at the end of the hour. Clients who put their stressed muscles in my hands are so relaxed at the end of the massage they don't want to get off the table.


Massage for men is the best therapy. It's time for you to get a great massage in Palm Springs!

Massages for Men

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage

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60 minute massage for men

$50 before 6 PM

$70 after 6 PM

Those who benefit most: 

Weightlifters, Cyclists, Golfers, Tennis Players, Hikers, footballers, basketballers, any sports player. 

This massage is meant to aid in muscle growth, recovery, and healing an injury! 

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Esalen Massage

Palm Springs Sensual Massage, Palm Springs Gay massage, Palm Springs massage for men, Palm Desert,

60 minutes


Those who benefit most:

Anyone who wants an escape. Great to celebrate an accomplishment, or maybe escape stress from work or a relationship. This is my most popular massage in Palm Springs just because it is a great feel good massage for men. I do this massage a lot because it is great for golfers, cyclists, and tennis players

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All out-call massage for men, whether in Palm Desert, or massage in Palm Springs, or anywhere in the Coachella Valley, $200 for your choice of massage styl

Frequently Asked Questions

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Happy Ending?

By far the number one question asked! At the end of the massage I hope you are very happy, and 99% of people are. However if you are just looking for a handjob you are in the wrong place. I have no judgement about that, and  actually appreciate the opportunity to answer the question! This is a massage for men that delivers healthy, appropriate touch, not sex. There are plenty of Massage in Palm Springs opportunities that promise more! Find whatever makes you happy and have a good time! 

But what if I get a boner?

You are a man. Boners are normal. I have been doing massage for men for a long time. Some guys get them, some don't, it means nothing.  If you get an erection, it won't have any negative impact on the massage and it shouldn't bother you at all. I'll just think you are healthy. 

REMEBER THIS: Most massages begin facedown focused on your back. For better control, when you get on the table, tuck your penis down instead of laying on it. This will give you more control.

Am I draped?

It's up to you. Drapery is available upon request. Drapery is counter productive to an Esalen massage for men, but if you are more comfortable being drapped, especially for a sports massage, just say so. I'm good either way.

What if I don't like certain body parts being touched?

This is normal in massage for men. You might be surprised how many don't like to have the backs of their knees touched! Communication is the key. I promise, you cannot say anything to me that I haven't already heard. I give full body massage In Palm Springs, if you don't want something touched, just tell me.

What if I don't want anyone to know I was here.

Ok! Don't tell anyone! I trained and worked in Los Angeles; working on Hollywood types and Pro-athletes trained me to understand and respect the need for discretion. I won't talk about you to anyone. We all have our reasons for discretion. Your privacy is protected here. If I see you in public I will not mention your massage in any way. 

HOWEVER, I love it when people spread the word about my work. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. If you love what I did with your body, please let people know, "I got One Great Massage in Palm Springs!" 

Are you naked too?

Me? Naked? Hahahaha...   There is no reason for me to disrobe to give you a great massage. 

One Great Massage

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